In today's uncertain financial times it is important to 'Preserve Your Money' and make it grow while maintaining complete control. The goal of growth with a minimized risk of loss is a must in today's ever- changing economy.

We pledge to do what is best for our clients. It is our mission to always recommend financial products that will put our clients in a better financial position from the prospective of both growth and safety.


Commonwealth Estate Planning Group, Inc., a long-standing A+ member of the Better Business Bureau, has over 1,400 clients and has educated thousands in more than 450 estate planning seminars in the past 10 years.


Our objective is to show the big picture in estate planning and the alternatives you can use to safely grow your estate, incurring a minimum of taxes and fees, or the elimination of both.




Find out about our organization, mission, our methods, and the results of our decades of experience in guiding our clients.

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